Friday, April 27, 2012

Feel Good Friday!

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Made it to Friday! Gonna do some rump shaking! Oh yeah, dancing my bootie off!

Mr. Foot (Biggie as his friends know him) does not do any kind of rump shaking. He is much too sophisticated for that. I can tell he is a gentleman because of his bowtie and pipe.  Mistress T has some mad stitching skills! 

Remember last year when I bought some sidewalk chalk? Do you remember the "no poop" zone I made for Pete? Well this year I am going to fancy up the "no poop" zone with a chalk spirograph. You're dying, right? I know, I did too.

Who needs a picture of a cute animal? BABY JACK RUSSELL!

Okay, I gave you Big Foot, a spirograph and a puppy, what more do you want? Well, I'll take two of these..just kidding OMP (kinda, no...I'm kidding...kinda)
 Alright, I have to go give OMP kisses for the cowboy picture. I hope everyone has a rip roaring, bronco riding, rump shaking good weekend! Later taters and gators!

Live out your imagination, not your history.
~Steven R. Covey

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LimeRiot said...

Gosh! MistressT rocks. So does chalk spirograph and baby jacks!! And cowboys, duh :).