Friday, January 18, 2013

Feel Good Friday!

FRIDAY! I LOVE YOU! I almost love you as much as cupcakes and puppy dogs!

So much to be happy about this Friday! First off, OMP got the clear from his doctor that he is completely released and doesn't have to come back for a year! YAHOOOOOOOO! So happy! I was in tears when I found out. Big thanks to everyone who reached out and kept us in their thoughts and prayers. Love you guys!

Now let's see what other happies I can dig up for ya! We have been using this phrase around our house quite a bit lately. Time to make the woofles! Cracks me up!

Have you guys discovered Dog Shaming yet? Oh my goodness! So funny! On Fridays they have adoptable puppies which makes this site even better! I think Pete needs to be the dog shaming mascot. He is the pee king!

Speaking of dogs...I need this for our house. How can three little dogs create so much fur? Super Cool Pets has this mat as well as other things you don't really need for your pet, but you really want.

Well my little mutton chops! The sun is shining in my neck of the woods, which is very rare for a January day, so I am going to head outside, freeze my butt off and enjoy the sun for a minute or two. I hope everyone has a fabu weekend filled with woofles and a side of bacon.

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Becky said...

uhmehgerd!!! Hooray for the clearance of OMP!!!!!!!!!! I mean seriously YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope the rest of your weekend is sunny and fabulous!