Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scrappy Dog Sunday

See this pond....
Our backyard pond

See this dog....
Happy little firl

Yesterday, the two of them met....

See this woman...She just had ten years taken off of her life.
December 2012

See this squirrel....he's going down. Your days are numbered, ya little fuzzbutt.
Little squirrel

This guy has nothing to do with the story. He just came to see the show and grab a snack.
Headed to the kitchen to get some tea and this guy was hanging out in the backyard


LimeRiot said...

I love your backyard, Pam!! It's like your very own nature preserve :). Glad that Lola is warmed up after her little polar bear challenge!

Unknown said...

oh no...was it a "Squirrel!" moment? It's so cute though. :0) Look at those cute beady eyes..