Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let the Love Begin!

I love decorating for the holidays! I started decorating for Valentine's Day by making this yarn wreath. I love the color combo of pink, red and white.

I will be making a heart garland later this week as well as putting up my famous or infamous "SUGAR BUNS" banner. Cause, ya know, OMP is the one and only sugar buns!

Not only am I decorating for Valentine's but I am also participating in  the 50 crafts challenge on So far I have made 2 crafts but I have a year, right? I better step up my game! I decided my first craft would be a cowl that I crocheted for myself. Let me start by saying that I really didn't know if I was crocheting or just tying a bunch of knots or just pushing yarn around. I completely winged it, didn't follow a pattern but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Now I have a cute cowl to keep me warm. The yarn I used was called "camo" which totally cracked me up because I love pink camo. Don't judge!

Are you working on anything right now? Getting ready for some smooching on your honey? I need details!


Becky said...

Your wreath is so stinkin cute! Do you have a "wreath spot" in your house where you change it according to the season/holiday?

The cowl is great! After knitting one by a pattern I have been winging it on a couple more. Gonna try one with lots of leftover yarns. It's prolly gonna look crazy. But do I. ;)

Smooching my honey? You bet! And maybe I'll smooch Hubby too. heehee

TheMistressT said...

Love the cowl! You will smoke the 50 craft challenge. Heck, every new recipe counts, right?

denise said...

Pink camo is cool. I have a pair of girlie sweat pants in the pattern and I'm typically a black or grey girl, but me likes them very much.

I like how the colors combined together in your scarf.