Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feeling Stitchy with Floresita

Floresita is one sassy, crafty lady! So many of us in the embroidery/needlework world would not be friends if it wasn't for her. She has brought a group of amazing talented people together and help us create a stitchy world. Let me tell you, she is crazy talented herself! Every piece she does, her personality really shines through. It's like she is giving you a big hug with every stitch she does.

Who is the real Floresita?
The real Floresita is snarky, goofy, nerdy, irritable, crafty, creative, bookish, easily bored, and quite shy. Mostly, she sits in comfortable chairs and goofs off. A LOT.

How did you start Feeling Stitchy and what is on the horizon for the site?
I started up Feeling Stitchy as an offshoot of the Flickr Embroidery group - we recruited a great group of bloggers (who totally volunteer their time, and rock, I might add) and blog on whatever we like. Mostly I limit myself to pointing out awesome stuff that catches my eye in the pool and being a general dorkwad.

In terms of future plans - more bloggers! More contests, maybe monthly themes. When it's right and it fits, maybe some ads, but I'm trying my hardest to keep us ad-free for now.

 I love all your vintage patterns, where do you find them and do you have a favorite?
I found all of my patterns on Ebay - my favorites, hands-down are the Vogarts. So kitschy cute, weird, and slightly creepy! Also, I've had wonderful strangers, out of nowhere, just mail me their collections. My collecting has slowed down lately, but I really recommend the Hoop Love pool on Flickr - there is so much awesomeness there.

Any advice for the masses?
Do what you love to do, all the time, and don't be afraid to share it with the people around you. That's advice to me, because I'm very private with a lot of my endeavors, but blogging has shown me that there are SO many people who "get" and love those things you do and make, even the weird crap that you make and think, "Uh, no one but me is gonna get this." :) Take chances, don't limit yourself, have faith in yourself, and use every opportunity to get to know people, to be generous, and to have fun.

Who or what inspires you?
Oh geez - I'm inspired by so much. Squirrels inspire me, and sparrows. I love their tenacity,
how they're both brown, dull-colored little things with so much life and pluck and energy. Flickr inspires me, all the people I've met and follow online - Jenny Hart, Craft, Craftster. Any movie about a weirdo, freak, or someone who doesn't fit in is usually up my alley. Music rocks my world and is a huge part of my life. God inspires me. Life inspires me. You inspire me!!! :)

Favorite food:
Panang curry beef (and any Thai food I can get my hands on)
Least favorite food:
White wedding cake (you know with the super-sweet frosting - yech!)

I don't have to tell you but I adore Floresita. She is one amazing woman! Her outlook on life, her kindness really can not be compared. I am so blessed to call her my friend and my inspiration. I can't wait for the next chapter n her adventures. Thank you Flor-for being such a wonderful mentor and friend to so many.


Kristi said...

I ♥ Flor!

beefranck said...

Her personal blog was one of my inspirations when I started stitching. She's awesome. :)