Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tie One On Tuesday!

Woohoo! Time to get your nog on! Now myself, I can't stand the stuff but there are many out there (Martha Stewart-you saucy little minx, I'm looking in your direction) that love it, so today's TOOT is for you.

This recipe sounds yummy. I might be willing to give the old nog another try.

Coconut Eggnog
8 egg yolks
4 cups coconut milk or cream
8 tablespoons dark rum ( personally would vote for more)
6 tablespoons white sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg, ground
¼ teaspoon cinnamon, ground
Into a large saucepan, pour the coconut milk/ cream and add the white sugar.
Heat BUT DO NOT BOIL over a medium heat.
In a large bowl, beat the egg yolks with the vanilla essence.
Into the bowl, pour approximately half the coconut milk & sugar mixture.
Whisk briskly.
Add the remainder of the coconut milk & sugar mixture.
Pour the combined mixture back into your large saucepan.
Wash out the large bowl because you'll need it again in a few minutes.
Cook over a low heat BUT DO NOT BOIL, ensuring that you continuously stir.
Continue stirring until the eggnog thickens slightly - enough to be able to coat the back of a spoon.
Pour & strain the eggnog back into the (washed, rinsed & dried) large bowl.
Allow the eggnog to sit and cool until it becomes room temperature.
Stir in the dark rum.
Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, but preferably overnight.
Just prior to serving, combine the ground nutmeg & ground cinnamon on a small dish, and sprinkle a little of the mixture on top of each served glassful of your delicious coconut eggnog!

Coconut not your thing? How about a little chocolate?

Chocolate Egg Nog
8 eggs
3 cups chocolate milk
2 cups milk
1 cup cream
1 cup Kahlua liqueur (or delicious, freshly brewed strong coffee)
1 cup dark rum
1/2 cup brown sugar
¾ teaspoon cinnamon, ground
¾ teaspoon nutmeg, ground
pinch cinnamon, ground (as garnish)
pinch chocolate, grated (as garnish)
In a large saucepan over a medium heat, pour the milk and chocolate milk.
Heat the milks, but DO NOT BOIL.
In a large bowl, beat the eggs and brown sugar until they are well combined and of a reasonably thick consistency.
When the milk mixture is hot (but not boiling!), add approximately half of it to the bowl containing the beaten eggs and brown sugar.
Whisk well.
Pour all of the egg, sugar & milk mixture back into the large saucepan.
Reduce heat to low.
Slowly and gently, add in the Kahlua liqueur/ coffee, and then the cream.
Stir continuously until the mixture has thickened enough to be able to coat the back of a spoon.
Remember not to ever allow the mixture to boil.
Remove the eggnog from the low heat.
Stir in the dark rum, ground cinnamon and ground nutmeg.
Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until chilled (at least 3 hours).
To serve, ladle the eggnog into individual glasses, and garnish with a little grated chocolate or ground cinnamon.

Oh I see, you're a traditionalist. Well then, Here ya go! I nice classic Egg Nog coming right up!

Classic Eggnog
2 eggs, separated
6 cups milk
2 cups heavy/ thickened cream
2 cups bourbon
1+ ½ cups sugar
¾ cup brandy
2 teaspoons ground nutmeg In a large bowl and using a mixer, beat the egg yolks together with the sugar for approx 10 minutes (you want the mixture to be firm and the colour of butter).
Very slowly, add in the bourbon and brandy - just a little at a time.
When bourbon and brandy have been added, allow the mixture to cool in the fridge (for up to 6 hours, depending on how long before your party you're making the eggnog).
30 minutes before your guests arrive, stir the milk into the chilled yolk mixture.
Stir in 1+ ½ teaspoons ground nutmeg.
In a separate bowl, beat the cream with a mixer on high speed until the cream forms stiff peaks.
In yet another bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form.
Gently fold the egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture.
Gently fold the cream into the egg mixture.
After ladling into cups, garnish with the remainder of the ground nutmeg.

Yummy! These recipes sound so good that I might have to give the Eggnog another try. If you are Vegan, they do make Silk eggnog in the carton-so you can just add some rum or bourbon or whatever spirit you like and drink up. It's so much easier to make and you could probably put it on your cereal or coffee. Hmmm, that give me an idea-where are my Wheaties?

Well, there ya have toot'ers! A few twist on an old tradition. I hope that your holiday is wonderful and filled with happy spirits of every kind. Oh my, look who got out the mistletoe-SMOOCH! Happy Holidays!

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