Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tie One On Tuesday

I want to give a big highball glass up to those waitresses in the sky, those ladies and gents who keep us filled with half glasses of soda and snack mix. I'm talking about a little salute to the flight attendants of the airways.

Now before you say, "Pam, I detect a little hint of sarcasm in your voice." I say, "au contrare", anyone who can put up with 70+ screaming demanding people and serve up a great cocktail while walking backwards in pumps, is okay me with me and although a lot of them I have run into lately have lost their passion for their job, they still deserve kudos.

So, what does an awesome Replacements song, flight attendants and cocktails have in common, well, I'm getting to that. One of the best, if not THE BEST Bloody Mary I have EVER had in my life has been on a plane. I'm not sure what they put in it, but brother, let me tell you. It is mighty fine! So, the next time you are on a flight and want a nice cocktail to ease your nerves and give you your daily dose of veggies, order a Bloody Mary-you will be pleasantly surprised.

Now, let's say you're not a Bloody Mary kind of person. That's cool, cause a lot of airlines now have their own "signature" drink. Alaska Airline has a special tiki cocktail for those going to Hawaii. It has fresh guava and mango juice in it and sounds so yummy. I bet if you ask real nice, they would give you an umbrella.  Mexican Airline has their very own mixologist coming up with new cocktails as we speak. Currently, you can get a Mai Tai, a pomegranate martini or their drink of choice-sweet turbulence (I have a feeling after a few of these, it's what you head will be doing)

Okay, you're not going to Hawaii or Mexico-you're just heading to San Francisco (cause I am this weekend-stop by the Craftster booth and say hello) well, if you fly Horizon they have local wines and beers for your tasting and they are free! I was so happy to have a wonderful Oregon Pinot last time I flew with them and as an added bonus-they give you yummy cookies.

If cocktails aren't your thing-a lot of airlines are offering specialty sodas now. Alaska offers Jones soda to their passengers.Other specialty airlines offer the local flavor soda.

Wherever you are going and no matter what airline you are flying-you can wet your whistle with yummy cocktails. Just remember, as always-moderation. We all want you to get to your final destination safe and sound. I will be back next week with some sensational cocktails for your holiday pleasure.


* said...

wow, what a throw back...paul westerberg! awesome.

loved your craftster tutorial btw. cuteness.

and yes, let's toast to the attendents in the sky!

Patty said...

I think this is only the second time in my craft blog reading life that I have seen a mention of the Replacements/Paul Westerberg. You are now the coolest of the cool in my opinion. :)