Friday, November 12, 2010

Feel Good Friday

Friday is here! We are getting funky! In the good ol' Pacific Northwest we are heading into our rainy season. Sure we might see the sun soon-like May, but we can still be happy stomping around in the rain.

The rainclouds on the west coast are very sophisticated. Lillyvanili72's stitching is so clean and beautiful.
A rainboot with Jack Russels and they are pink and black. Did I just die and go to heaven? have these and other great styles to keep your feet dry.

Since it's raining,  there are a lot of indoor activities to do-keep your minds out of the gutter! What better indoor activity than a little cooking (besides crafting). The Recipe Girl has got ya covered. You can search her recipe database, read the blog and even get a menu for entertaining.

Make sure that your little babies are covered while strutting around in the rain, especially the ones with little or no fur. What-I do not see a problem with this outfit. Who wants a wet dog smell in their house?

Okay my little buddies! I'm off to snuggle into a good book, maybe some stitching and enjoy listening to the rain fall on the roof. Whatever you do this weekend, make sure you stay bundled up and dry.

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.
Gilbert K. Chesterton


OMP! said...

Look at that Rainbow, we really do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth..........LOL!

Unknown said...

We got neighbors, you goober! ;)

Becky said...

O dears, was he running around nekkid again!?

My Petey has a personalized orange raincoat from Land's End. He won't go out in rain without it!

Those boots are killing me! Did you get some?

Unknown said...

I didn't. I have a pair with skulls on them. Very spooky!