Monday, November 1, 2010

My Love for TCM

I have a deep love for something other than OMP. My love is for TCM, Turner Classic Movies. If you are a movie buff, like I am, then you should always tune in to TCM. If you don't have the channel then still check out the website. Turner Movie Classics not only show amazing movies but right now they are running a 7 part documentary on the history of Hollywood. It is 3 years in the making and with Christopher Plummer narrating, you will be in movie heaven.

This month's feature artist is Ava Gardner. Va Va Voom! She was one smart sex pot! Every Thursday in November they are featuring wonderful movies from this great actress.

Another great feature this month are movies from Fritz Lang. For any budding film aficionado his movies are a must see. M is haunting and Metropolis breathtaking.

Towards the end of the month TCM offers up British Crime (November 28th). I can not wait for this one! I have been wanting to see No Orchids for Miss. Blandish. I will be snuggled up on the couch, faking my best British accent on this one.

Oh TCM, thank you for transporting me to another time, sometimes bright and hopeful, sometimes gritty and real. You are a true champion in our history. You allow us to have a wonderful escape and teach us about ourselves and the world around us.


Tom said...

I love that photo of Ms. Gardner. Wow.

Danièle said...

Thanks for the heads up. My son is doing film studies and this I am sure will be invaluable for him, but I dont know if they will show it in Ireland. I'll research this this morning.

Becky said...

TCM is the only reason for having cable. I love it..I even enjoy Bob's pre-movie ramblings!

Jamie said...

I love your blog so much, I gave you an award over on mine!

MafiosaGrrl said...

TCM junkie right here!