Monday, March 7, 2011

And the Oscar Goes To...

My friend June (do you know June? If not, you should cause she is RAD!) said that she would love to see my picks for the Oscars. Well, that got me to thinking. What if I could pick the Oscars? Of course there wouldn't be any current movies cause, honestly, I haven't seen a lot of current movies. I will however, keep it fairly current and fresh and not too obscure. Anyhoo....If I could pick the Oscars, it would go to the following

Best Actor:
I did say that I would keep it current and since that means not picking William Powell, my pick for best actor is Jeff Bridges. There is only one reason-The Big Lebowski. Still not convinced? This man can play everything from the Dude to Rooster Cogburn. I'll forgive him for Tron 2 strictly because of True Grit.

Best Supporting Actor:
The Pamcar (they are MY picks, so they get Pamcars) goes to Sam Elliott. Reason why? See Big Lebowski, oh and Road House, can't forget that one! This man could read the phone book to me and I would melt like butter. 

Best Actress:
I can honestly say that there is not a current actress that I would consider as the best. So, no Pamcar for you.

Best Supporting Actress:
See above

Best Director:
I would have to say that The Coen brothers get my top vote. See Jeff Bridges...are you catching a theme here?

Best Soundtrack:
Every day for a solid year I listened to the soundtrack for O Brother Where Art Thou. T-bone Burnett is a genius with music as a producer and a musician. Once again, another Coen brothers movie.

Best Movie:
And the last Pamcar goes to....The Big Lebowski, or maybe O' Brother Where Art Thou?...dang Roadhouse is a great one too. You can't go wrong with True Grit either. Oh, they all are winners, a Pamcar for all of them!

So there you go, a little insight into my madness, or at least what the movies and actors that drive me crazy!


Karen said...

But what about Julianne Moore, aka Maude Lebowski?

Since we're going with the theme...

Becky said...

I love Jeff. I really love him in The Last Picture Show and Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. Let's just say that he was also somewhat easy on the eye back then too...
I know what you mean about decent actresses now. I do love Julianne Moore though...and I think you might be a Portman-convert when you see Black Swan!

Becky said...

Pamcars for every Coen Brothers movie I bet!

Helen Mirren? Judi Dench?

And how can you not love Natalie Portman? That baby she is pregnant with is LUKE SKYWALKER!!!! (Totally stole that from Steven Colbert.)

Denise said...

Sam Elliott....mmmmm sigh. Love his voice.