Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

So many puppies write into the Pedersen pups, asking advice, asking for autographs, wondering what makes them tick, that today I thought I would let the pups answer your burning questions.

Dear Pete,
First off, let me just tell you how cute you are. You are my dreamboat and I hope one day to meet you. Now, on with the question. My owner never forks over any treats or scraps or anything good. How do you get your owner to hand the treats over?

Starving in Seattle

Dear Starving,
Thank you so much for the compliments. I am currently single and always looking for new ladies to love, maybe a little play in the park? We'll talk about that later.  Now, on to my answer. I have three words...Little boy face. Yep, every time I want something, I just flash mom and dad that little boy face. Gets me anything I want. It's a well known fact that humans love to give little puppy faces food. Have you ever seen a skinny baby? I didn't think so. It's something in their DNA. They love feeding the cute. Show your puppy face and you will get treats pelted at your head.


Dear Jujube,
I just love your style, what are the current trends in doggy fashions? Please help me! My owner only lets me wear one fleece coat that looks like it's been licked.

No Fashion in Nebraska

Dear No Fashion,
Awww, you are so sweet! This season is all about dinosaurs and pink sweaters with skulls. You can NEVER EVER EVER go wrong with pink. Try out what works for you, don't follow the crowd, i know i don't - ever! (except when it comes to chasing squirrels)! Also, if you see my dad, tell him I'm still waiting for my ipod.


Dear Lola,
I live with a pack and I want to become the alpha dog. Any suggestions?

2nd rate in San Francisco

Dear 2nd Rate,
Here is my patent pending secret weapon to becoming the alpha dog.
1-Win over the humans with love, kisses, cuteness. This is a no brainer and super easy for me.
2-Win over the other dogs in your pack. This requires compliments. Let me give you an example.
   Pete, looking good buddy-have you been working out?
   Jujube-Is that a new hairdo? It really brings out your eyes.
   Once you've won them over with compliments, they are putty in your hands.


The Supreme Overlord,

Well, there ya go! All your burning questions answered. Keep those letters coming! 

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TroubleT said...

Dear Pete,

Where did you learn to pose for the camera like that? You are such a natural!