Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Building a Bridge

I'll admit it, I've been blue lately and neglecting this wonderful blog and your wonderful people. I'm really sorry, no, I am. I love coming here and chatting it up with you guys.

I think last night was the final straw for OMP and my bluesy feeling. He looked me square in the eyes and said...

Get down off the cross, we need the wood to build a bridge so you can get over it.

Then he flashed that perfect smile and those wonderful eyes lit up. And I giggled then I got angry, cause I hate when he's right. To make matters even worse, he made me make a list of things that make me happy and made me print it out so I can carry it with me at all time. So whenever I'm feeling sad or anxious or angry, I can pull out this list and look at it and remind myself to smile.

Did I mention I hate when he's right?

Anyhoo...Here's my list. You can borrow it if you want or make up your own. Cut it out and carry it with you everywhere. We all need to be reminded of happiness.

Things that make me happy:
1. OMP and my pups (that's a given. I'm not sure OMP or my monsters will make you equally as happy, but   you can still use it)

2. Singing my favorite song

3. Fresh flowers

4. Candy

5. My friends

6. Crafting

7. Laying in the sun with a glass of ice tea and a magazine

8. Baby animals

9. Fart jokes

10. Cowboys and rodeos

But...I'm not finished...OMP also made me make a list of things to do when I'm sad. A little pick me up reminder. Did I mention that I hate when he's right?

So...again, you can borrow from my list

1. Hang out with my pets

2. Stitch up something

3. Bake/Cook (I think he may have added this one)

4. Dance and sing

5. Call a friend

6. Get in the car and go for a drive

7. Watch a silly, scary or otherwise pointless movie

8. Help someone who needs it

9. Dress up

10. Shower OMP with kisses (I think he may have added this one too)

I hope this sparks a smile. It has definitely helped me. Now, if you will excuse me I must shower OMP with kisses. A girl has to do, what a girl has do to.


Unknown said...

aw, dont be blue, we <3 you... <3 <3 <3

Digital Misfit said...

You are a fabulous and inspiring woman - never forget that!
Give OMP a kiss from me for pulling you out of your funk. It is time to stop being blue - you are neglecting all of the other colors of the rainbow! *big hugs*

Giggly said...

Aww, we all love you Pam! No sadsies! I understand though...I should do this too. OMP is such an awesome guy to you. I'm happy he made you do these lists. :)


TroubleT said...

I agree with the others. You are a WONDERFUL woman! Oh, and I loves you too! :D

Becky said...

That OMP sure is a keeper. What a good idea to make those lists..and what a brilliant joke. I'll have to use that! Please don't be sad. We'll FaceSkype again soon. >lotsa love<