Friday, April 15, 2011

Feel Good Friday!

I am SOOOOOOOO happy it's Friday! You have no idea! Seriously guys, this week has kicked my butt! Wait, do I say that of most weeks? I should start taking karate out so I can kick back.

Easter is just around the corner and these cross stitched eggs are just what the bunny ordered. How absolutely clever of kokoleo to think these up. She always creates adorable dolls and monsters.

I have been obsessed with Aunt Peaches blog. Her tagline of Making Sunshine on a Shoestring is just too perfect for words. The blog has wonderful tutorials, beautiful pictures and just all around greatness. I heart her.

I'm pretty sure I see this book in my near future.

Oh yeah, I did it. You know you want to squeal in delight at the computer. I want to kiss that little nose. 

Oh man, I wore myself out! I think I need something sweet and a nice beverage to wash it down. I'm gonna grab my babes, my OMP and snuggle in for the night. Life is good, no, let me correct that. Life is great.


PEACHES said...

Hey Lady! Just poppin over to take a look...glad I stopped by, you have some great stuff! Not to mention an adorable fur baby :) Too cute!

PS: Love the name too. Very vintage/vampy.

Becky said...

Oh my help! You know I gotta nab that book too! And who wouldn't want to kiss that sweet baby's nose? Gonna go check out your blog recs.

Have a fab weekend! xoxox