Monday, April 18, 2011

On Hold....

Apparently the DMV can hold a 22 year old grudge if you paid a parking ticket  two days late. Let's just say I know this first hand and leave it at that. So, in honor of the wonderful DMV and their workers, to whom I wonder when they lost their passion for their job, I am featuring other driving scofflaws. While you are on hold for the next available customer service representative, enjoy these great movies.

I love Robert Mitchum. He was an outlaw during a time period when straight and narrow was the way to be. In Thunder Road he plays a bootlegger trying to outrun the revenuers. Not only does Mitchum have to contend with the revenuers but also with the mob. It's just another typical day in the southern hills (again, I wouldn't know much about that).

Oh goodness me, I'm gonna have to do it. Another Burt Reynolds movie. Now, you know I love Smokey and the Bandit but Cannonball Run is right up there. Roger Moore, Dean Martin and Dom DeLuise-how can you go wrong? Quit laughing! It's a great movie! The storyline is very simple. A bunch of people race across country for a large sum of money and yes, it is very illegal. The only thing better than Cannonball Run is Cannonball Run II. I said, quit laughing!

Finally, one of OMP's all time favorite movies. The Blues Brother. OMP can quote every line from this movie and expects me to know the comback line for his quote. I am not kidding one bit. EVERY LINE! Anyhoo, Jake and Elwood decide to go on a mission from god and put the band back together. Car chases and incredible music ensue (Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Cab Calloway) and the brothers are up for the adventure.

Well, my wonderful friends, it looks like we are still on hold. I suggest filing your taxes, getting a root canal and popping in another movie while we wait. It will only be a few more minutes.


Becky said...

22 years?!?! The NC DMV?!?!

Love all these flicks, quit laughing, yes, even the Cannonball movies!

Danièle said...

Must see the Robert Mitchum one :-)

Lisa said...

As my brother once shouted in Starbucks (sending mocha thru my nose) "Down with the man!!!" ...I'm looking at you, DMV.

I stinking love Cannonball Run!!

Denise said...

How much for the leeetle girl? DH loves the Blues Brothers.