Friday, June 22, 2012

Feel Good Friday!

Can you believe that we made it to Friday?  FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Shake yer bootie cuz it's Friday!

Where shall we Adventure?

Lately I have been obsessed with the ocean and boats. Of course I am always up for adventure, so this piece by Bustle and Sew fits in with my obsessions just right! This pattern will be out in the Bustle and Sew e-zine on June 28th. Go sign up for your copy!

Have you checked out Retro Ranch Vamp's blog? It's awesome! I love all the tikis, the different house projects, but the word bubbles for the dog...BRILLIANT!

Wanna see what OMP got me for my birthday? LOOK! Isn't it just fab? The locket is the size of a dime! Check out all the detail.  Khara LeDonne is seriously amazing! I want one of everything in her shop.

Alright mateys! Time for me to get dinner ready for the OMP and pups! I just can't sit here and look cute all day. Well, I could but my family would starve! Have a fabu weeknd!

I almost forgot, cute puppy picture! Oh yeah! That just happened!  XOXOX

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LimeRiot said...

That necklace rocks!! I'm so happy to know about that shop. OMP did very well :). Good OMP!