Friday, June 29, 2012

Feel Good Friday

via rules of thirds

Friday, you little vixen! Sneaking up on my like that!

Linen birdseeker badges group

Wow! These are crazy amazing! They are little badges made by Teasemade and they make me squeal with delight.  Be sure to check out the other bird embroidery on her flickr account,  it will make you happy.

 You know when you pin those beautiful crafts and yummy foods from pinterest and they just don't come out right-well, don't feel bad cause there are a ton of us out there and Craft Fail is there to not only giggle at your failure but to also say, "Oh gurl, I've been there too...come on, let's have a cocktail instead."

This has nothing to do with today's post except to say that one day I will have a barn where I can have parties and it will be great...carry on.

Speaking of things I want. As a late birthday present, I think I need this. NEED IT! You can get this and just about everything else for me at Victorian Trading Co. Thanks in advance (which means, do it now).

From bad crafts to barns, I've given you just about everything you need for Friday. Oh wait, there is one more thing...SHARK-O-PUG! Everyone out of the water! You will be killed by the cuteness!

Okay, now I have given you everything...Later gators! Pam is out. PEACE!

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Unknown said...

How can I not have a wonderful day after reading your blog!!! Your just a huge ray of sunshine girl!