Monday, June 11, 2012

No More Reruns!

 1950s family watching tv
Thank you TinTrunk for this vintage picture

Remember when summer time meant reruns? None of your favorite shows were on in the summer, you turned the TV off, cussing it because you already watched that Lavern and Shirley earlier in the year. Well, nowadays, shows start all months with total disregard for your summer plans.

It may seem like I'm complaining, and I'm really not. It's still pretty chilly and rainy up here and I need something to watch while I'm stitching.

Two of my favs this summer are animation. They are from Disney and I swear, they went all out to entertain the older person in the family.

Motorcity is amazing! It is like watching a Gorillaz video only better! The basic story is that a city was built over Detroit. The upper city is shiny, pretty and completely controlled. Lower Detroit is free but underground and struggling. Mark Hamill plays a starring role on this cartoon. It is fast, creepy and very cool. I would recommend it for kids 8 and older.

My other favorite new show is Tron Uprising. Remember Aeon Flux? This cartoon is on par with the animation. It is so slick! The storyline is great and the voice actors are top notch. Elijah Wood and Lance Henriksen play the lead roll with appearances from Paul Reubens and Mandy Moore. Again, maybe about ages 8 and up for this one.

Check out these two new cartoons if you are looking for a smart, well written show to share with your older child or just on your own. Oh yeah, if you miss the first run, they will play it a few more times, just like a real summer rerun! 


spidermom said...

stupid re-runs! although i always watched laverne and shirley, even if i'd already seen the episode ;)

the hubster made me watch Tron Uprising the other day...that show is pretty rad! haven't seen the other one i'll have to check it out!

Becky said...

Ooooh - can I get these on a Roku channel? Looks good.

LimeRiot said...

I've heard Motorcity is good! I'll have to check that out. I bet Jake would like it too.

I'm missing Psych! It must be coming back on soon.