Monday, June 18, 2012

So Much Taffy much poor belly! OMP took me to the coast this weekend and of course, I had to get enough taffy to choke a goat. While recuperating  from my sugar coma, I checked my DVR to see what I missed over the weekend.

I have been dying to catch (yet another Disney cartoon) Gravity Falls. The previews looked hysterical. A brother and sister encountering the paranormal-right up my alley! I settled into the couch, pups surrounded me and started the show. 

I have one word for Gravity Falls...AWESOME! For the love of all things holy, this cartoon had me laughing from start to finish and I was still laughing after the credits rolled. Gravity Falls is suppose to be in Oregon (sorry guys, no real Gravity Falls here) and had so many inside Pacific Northwest references that I had to watch it twice to catch them all. You get to see Jake the Alligator man and a lesser known cousin to Sasquatch, Sascrotch (no, I am not even kidding).

The voices actors of the show are equally as awesome with Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords, Bob's Burgers) playing Mabel and Jason Ritter (son of John Ritter) playing her brother. Dipper. I'm sure there will be cameos from other great actors as the season progresses. 

The show doesn't officially start until the end of June but I believe you can catch it on the Disney website or maybe in a replay on TV. 

So, check out Gravity Falls on Disney XD this summer, you will thank me, just don't do it in taffy....ohhhhh.....

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LimeRiot said...

I get WAY too much taffy whenever I go to the coast. It always ends in a tummy ache. It's soooo good though.

That cartoon looks cute!! I'll be watching for it.