Monday, August 6, 2012

New Media Monday

The internet is awesome for finding new music, but what about older music? It seems like the majority of the stations and music sites out there focus on what's new and hip now and the oldies stations are playing music from my high school days-which by the way, I do not appreciate, cause that music is not old! What if you want really great music from yesteryear? Well, the internet has you covered!

KBRD is a station out of Olympia, Washington that makes me happy on a regular basis. If you want music history, check them out. They play music from 1890's up until the 50's (maybe a few sixties thrown in there for sprinkles on top). KBRD is a nonprofit station, so if you listen and like what you hear, contribute so they can keep giving us melodic history lessons.

I am a sucker for a good old fashion country song. It's true, put on some Willie Nelson or old Johnny Cash and it makes this girl swoon. KVET plays everything from George Jones to George Strait. The station is out of Austin and it is AWESOME! They do play some new country and some alt country, but trust me, you won't think you just turned on a pop station. They are 100% Texas country music. Last summer, I was listening to their count down for the season and the top 10 were either George Strait songs or Willie Nelson. I felt like I died and went to heaven.

What do cowboys listen to on the open range? Why Range radio, of course!  This station plays the good old fashion cowboy songs that you may remember from the film serials and old cowboy movies when you were a kid. I can just imagine cowboys riding the range and singing these songs. The music is soothing and takes you back to a time where life seemed a little more simple yet, with more purpose.

I love the Rat Pack and all the music that was created during that time period. Swing 1270 plays that kind of music and more. Each week they have swing time, playing the best in swing music and they have a show dedicated just for Frankie and his pals. This station makes me want to put on my fanciest dress, pop open a bottle of bubbly and take OMP in my arms for a little swing around the house.

Check out these stations for all of your vintage music listening pleasure. You will be whisked away to another period with each and every song. Whether you want to be an old cowhand on the range or one of the eleven for Mr. Ocean (can you guess that movie?), these stations will not disappoint. Enjoy cow pokes and kittens!

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