Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nice Melons

You've been invited to a family reunion or a neighborhood BBQ... what will you bring? The same old watermelon slices? No! I refuse to let that happen! You will not be the laughing stock of the party! Go to your kitchen right now and make this yummy, fabu watermelon shark!

So, watermelon sharks aren't your thing...fine, can make this adorable teapot for your next tea party and be the talk of the town, for the good reasons this time.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, here's the video!

There ya go, you yummy little pieces of sunshine! Have a blast carving up some watermelon fun for your next party!


LimeRiot said...

This is so cute! Our block party is next weekend. I'm doing this.

You are too adorable! Did you cut your hair? It looks great.

Unknown said...

Cute, cute video! I have always wanted to make a shark melon for my son who scuba dives. Thanks! A birthday centerpiece this November! E

Becky said...

You, my dear, rock!!!!

Now if we can put that shark on a bed of braided spaghetti arranged like 8 legs...