Sunday, August 5, 2012

Scrappy Dog Sunday

It has been sooooo long since my last Scrappy Dog Sunday. What have the dogs been up to? Being scrappy, of course!

Lola has spent way too much time on the computer.

Pete finished his last term at handsome boy modeling school. He is such a natural.
 Pete enjoying the summer

Jujube has been practicing her destroying skills, just in case she ever encounters a real threat in the backyard. 
Jujube playing

All in all, it's been a pretty laid back summer for the pups, just like spring, and fall and winter. Sigh, I want to be my dogs.


Nessa the Procrastinator said...

They're all so sweet! The Lola video had both my boys sitting near me staring at the computer. :)

LimeRiot said...

That Lola is such a character!! It looks like she really wants to play with that adorable little pug.

They are all such dolls!