Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't Be a Wiener....

Unless you are a cute patchwork cross stitched wiener!

Cross stitch patchwork dachshund

I have been busy stitching up these cute little guys for a swap I am in on

cross stitch  patchwork dachshund

I can't help making all kinds of wiener jokes....these wieners are bigger than expected, they are about 6 inches a piece (SEE! I can't help it!) Everyone just loves a colorful wiener (Please! make the jokes stop!)

I hope my partner likes her wieners!

Okay, okay...back to some respectful stitching. This little girl was way cute and very easy to stitch up. She now lives with a grumpy cloud and a quilted embroidery piece.
girl blowing dandelion

grey cloud is unhappy

quilt embroidery

Whew! Busy! Busy! Busy! I love swapping! It keeps me creative.


Unknown said...

Cute weiners!! Great stitching as usual!

CJG said...

I love the hexagon piece! I think hexagons are one of my favorite shapes... they cuddle so well together!

Lisa said...

Such great stitching, P! I can't believe how much you get done, you're amazin' lady!