Monday, January 13, 2014

Motivational Monday

How many of you journal or have a diary that you write in. I have this wonderful leather journal that my husband bought me. It is green with leaves on it. I carry it with me everywhere. I have noticed though, that it started turning into a negativity trap. Every time I was having a bad day, I wrote in it, but I never wrote the good news. I started thinking that I was carrying negativity around with me in the form of the this book. Every where I went, this negative writing was with me. All of my bad days, all of my anger was constantly with me. 

So, I decided that the journal was way to pretty to carry all that negative crap around and started a new journal this year. It is my Happiness and Thankful journal. It is filled with pictures, inspirations and things that make me happy. It also keeps me organized. I write down things I want to do, stuff I want to find and pieces I want to create. Now, instead of carrying around extra negative vibes, always bringing me down, I have this wonderful happy journal that lifts my spirits. 

I actually found that it was kind of hard to write about positive things in my life. So, I made up some questions to help me get started. Maybe if you want to start a Happiness journal, these questions will help you too. 

What makes me happy? (This one is a given but actually can take a lot of thought)

What makes me feel bad and how can I change these things?

What do I want to learn?

What am I thankful for?

What am I passionate about?

I also cut out pictures of places I want to go, draw little pictures and write myself little pick me up notes. 

As for my negative thoughts. I just threw the negative journal into the fire and let the badness burn. When I want to write negative things down, I still do, and then I toss them. I let them go. 

It is a lot of work to be happy, but I think journaling is one step to keep me focused and remind me that life isn't that bad. What do you do to remind yourself of happiness? 

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