Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scrappy Dog Sunday -The Gus Edition

I have a new obsession...Gus.  Gus is a Jack Russell/Pug mix. He is blind and deaf. When I first laid eyes on Gus and immediately thought, "why can't I have a bigger house and a bigger paycheck?" I instantly feel in love with this little guy. I worried about him and hoped that he would be adopted. 

Gus didn't have to wait very long to be adopted.

He is adapting very well to his new home and loves his siblings and when not attacking the laundry, loves snuggling with his new mom. Every time I read about Gus, I start to happy cry because I know that he will be loved and have the best time of his life. 

I don't know his new mom but I have been following him on his own Facebook page. Check out his videos-he is feisty! He is 100% pure scrap! Lola approves of this little boy.

Having a pet with special needs can be time consuming. I'm not going to lie to you, it is work but it is also amazing. Rescues need our love, they need us. Even if you want a breed specific pup, there are rescues. Yes, you are not sure what you are getting into, but isn't that the fun part of life? Who knows, you might end up with a Gus or an Iggy or a Pete (if it is the last two, then I apologize in advance)

Don't forget to love your furry child (or furry spouse) today. It is good for your soul. 

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lanalou said...

Hi... This is Gus... Well his new mommy. I was looking at my Insights on Facebook, specifically where likes are from, and found that I have a few followers that have come from you. Thank you for your support of all special and wonderful animals!