Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scrappy Dog Sunday

Do you see this little thing? In a few short months, he has managed to take over my heart and my house. He barks at every little thing, demands to be held and sit on my lap pretty much all the time (I think he was pouting because I set him down while typing this), is the pickiest eater ever and still hasn't mastered the outside bathroom rule. 

He also has managed to pull Lola out of a downward spiral. He plays with her and she chases him around. He allows her to wash his face and knows when she needs her space. Pete refuses to allow this little boy outside alone and Jujube...well, she is the bee and is too interested in boy magazines and her iPod. 

There are times in your life when someone comes in at the right time. They know the gaps missing in your life and in your heart. Iggy came to us at that time. The universe works in mysterious ways and most of the times,I feel like it's laughing at me, but on that cold February day, it smiled at me and the rest of the Pedersen clan and brought us happiness wrapped in a 6 pound fur coat that barks...and barks...and barks. 

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