Monday, September 22, 2014

What's on TV?

Every fall I get excited for my old favorite TV shows to return and to find some new favorites along the way. This year is no exception. I think I am more excited this season than I have been in quite some time. 

I am just giddy that 5 of my old favorites that are coming back. Let's start with Sunday night. 

I love America's Funniest Videos. Don't judge me. I can not resist little kids getting knocked in the noggin with beach balls. It's hysterical. You know you laugh at football in the groin. This is the 25th year it has been on and is the last year for the best host, in my opinion, Tom Burgeron. It is on Sunday nights at 7:00pm

Right after America's Funniest Videos is a show that I just recently fell in love with, Once Upon a Time. I tried watching this when it first started and it was just so corny. It did not hold my interest. I decided, a few years later, to give it another chance when they brought in the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz. I binge watched every past season and I'm finally caught up. I'm not sure how the Frozen theme is going to play out. Quite frankly, I'm a little leery, as I was not a fan of the movie, but we shall see. I know it will be silly fun, 

Moving onto Monday nights, Sleepy Hollow is back for a second season. Yahoo! This show is such an interesting twist on the story of Ichabod Crane. I love the partnership of Crane and Lt. Abby Mills. You are not sure if you feel chemistry between them or what. You sort of want them to end of together but then you think about his wife. Maybe this season, questions will be answered.

For something more deep and disturbing, American Horror Story comes back with a sideshow theme. I have heard that the clown alone is so disturbing that it may be too scary to air. Now I'm intrigued. There is a lot of disturbing images and storylines in this show but like all bad wrecks, we are inclined to watch. 

Justified is back for its final season and I will give you one reason to watch...Sam Elliott. I don't think I need to say anymore.

For new shows, I am over the moon about Gotham. The show takes place starting when Bruce Wayne loses his parents. It basically goes through what made the villains so evil. Everyone has a back story and this series is all about that. 

The rainy season is getting ready to hit the Pacific Northwest and being stuck inside won't be as bad with my needle, floss and hoop and a little bit of fantasy, fear and intrigue. 

What show are you looking forward to this season? 

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Unknown said...

I did watch Gotham last night and I thoroughly enjoyed and I'm really looking forward to seeing the characters develop and where the story goes.

I can't wait to American Horror Story as well but I'm a whole season behind on that show since I ditched cable. :/

I also love Parenthood and this season is the last for that show as well. I hate to see it go, it's a really special show.

And yes--Sleepy Hollow! It's filmed right here is NC!