Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

This week we get two wonderful pups for the price of one! I was recently doing a piece for Feeling Stitchy and came across these little babes. I'm sure you will fall in love with them as quickly as I did. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce Levi Sasspirella and Captain Cupcake!

Describe the real Levi and Captain

Captain;My name is Captain but originally I was called Cupcake when I was a little pup, but I grew out of that name because I was so tough, so I was renamed Captain which I like better as it suits my personality more .I am a chihuahua. I'm fun, very loving and love to snuggle. I'm very loyal to my family. I'm always up for playtime 24/7, whenever! I'm a little anxious at times but chewing on my bone or some socks helps chill me out. I really love my family and my best friend is my brother Levi, he always has my back!

My name is Levi, I a
m also a chihuahua. I'm very loving and love to kiss! I'm very playful and silly at times and I love to dance around and make everyone laugh. My best friend is Captain and we are brothers, we also have three cat brothers too. Cuba, Luna and Oreo. I like them very much but Luna is my favorite as he lets me lick his ears for a long time! They are tasty!!I'm very laid back and never get stressed out, life's too short! I love to laze on the sofa and nap, especially after a big dinner!

What's a typical day for you?

Captain; We both sleep in Mum and Dad's bedroom so we wake up altogether and go downstairs for some yummy breakfast!

Then me and Levi will play wrestling together and then maybe have a nice nap. Then we might go for a walk which is fun, so many yummy smells!

We might even go for a run at the beach too!

Levi; After that we will have a nap and then eat some din dins! We then have our teefs brushed, which we both HATE but at least we get a cookie if we do it! We then spend the evening having snuggles or playtime and just chilling out.

We then take a little walk outside to go potty and then we go upstairs to the bedroom with a bedtime cookie and go to sleep. We have a lovely life!

What's your favorite food, movie, song

Both of our fav food is turkey and rice, our fav movie is beverly hills chihuahua, and
fav song Oh chihuahua!

Levi; But we will eat anything, we love fooooood!!!!!! I REALLY like a rice cake or a potato!

Aren't you a little young to grow a mustache?

Levi; *blush* ;D

What's your philosophy on life?

The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue!

Levi; Don't take life too seriously. no one gets out alive, anyways.

Oh Levi and Captain! You have captured the hearts of all the Pedersen ladies and I sure the whole world. Thank you so much for allowing us to catch a brief glimpse into your world of wonderful food, family and fun.

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