Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tie One On With OMP!

Tie one on Tuesday this week will be a “random old drink contest”. Let me explain how it is going to work - The drinks will be taken off of a very old bar tender helper collectible that is in the shape of a barrel. I picked it up in an Antique Mall a year or so back. The recipes are printed on little plastic cards and you turn the knob on the side of one barrel until you get to your desired drink. I will be turning the knob with my eyes closed and then will stop, open my eyes and whatever drink has popped up – that will be the one I transcribe to you here. I will do my best to make the drinks but as it is a very old item, I do not have some of the ingredients in my bar (I do not possess a $70.00 bottle of Absinthe for example, one of the recipes call for a shot of it – that my friends, is how old this barrel bar tenders’ recipes are).

Drink #1 (Drum roll please): The 19th HOLE COCKTAIL:

It is a fairly simple one:

1/3 shot Scotch Whiskey

1/3 shot Vermouth (does not designate Dry or Sweet - I would probably go with Sweet)

1/2 Sherry

Mix in shaker – pour in Martini Glass and enjoy

Drink #2 (Cymbal Crash this time): Luck would have it – The MORNING BRACER

This is the Absinthe concoction I was referring to earlier (so no pics of it – sorry):

1/3 shot Absinthe

2/3 shot Vermouth (again no designation – your choice, but I would probably do Sweet again)

Shake well, strain into Rocks tumbler, fill with Seltzer and WAKE UP!!!

Drink #3 A favorite of the Mrs. – The CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL

Get out a Champagne glass and add:

1 Lump of sugar

Dash of Angostura bitters

Slice of Orange

Fill with chilled Champagne – great way to start or end your day!! (side note from Pam....this is the way I start most of my days, Champagne cocktail, fuzzy Marabou slippers, long flowing robe.)

So there you are – enough drinks to get you through to next week (hopefully). Until then – this is OMP saying “Get the hell off my lawn ya’ drunks!!!!”

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