Monday, July 20, 2009

To The Moon and Beyond!

To help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo landing on the moon I've picked some classic gems to help you really appreciate the moon and beyond!

The first and probably OMP's favorite is Frankenstein meets the Space Monster. In this space tale we have a martian princess and her doctor trying to conquer Earth. At the same time NASA sends an android into space. Of course the martians think that it is a warhead and try to destroy it. "Frank" comes back to Earth and goes on a rampage that only a crazy fried brain android can go on.

Here's where the movie gets good. "Frank" decides to rampage Puerto Rico (androids need vacations too!) The aliens invades beaches and pool parties, making off with the bikini clad beauties that they need to restock their planet. Oh wait, did I mention that the martians have a monster? Well, they do and without giving too much away, there is a final raygun battle between Frank and the monster. It really makes you think about who is the monster? The martians or us.....

Keeping with the same low budget, high entertainment, we have Starman. Incase many of you didn't know Starman is "the creature made of the strongest steel". See, here's the deal, he's not really a creature. He's an actor in an awesomely bad space suit. I mean, I guess the suit could be strong steel but that would get a little heavy. I digress.....Starman was a Japanese series that was cut into movies, dubbed and sent to the US.

Wanting Earth for themselves, some creepy scaly salamander men begin to invade and kill people with their radioactive breath (mint anyone?) One of the salamander ladies loves to scare children and has a dance company, I'm guessing these are side jobs for when destroying the human race is a little slow. The "Council" call on Starman to stop the salamander people and save the world. Of course, he delivers with high kicks, great weapons and super strength (maybe there is something to the suit)

The final movie is The Day the Earth Stood Still. Now let's get one thing straight. I'm talking about the original not the completely horrible and useless remake that came out last year. I made a promise that after seeing The Matrix, I would never see another Keanu Reeves movie again and I haven't. So Keanu, you can suck it! Okay, I feel better now.

The basic premise of this excellent movie is a spaceship lands in Washington DC intent on capturing the attention of the world. The peaceful alien revels his mission but unfortunately not a single government will listen to him. The human race is very distrustful of the alien and causes another problem for our friend in delivering his message. Our pacifist alien has no other choice but to bring out his robot Gort to destroy the Earth. What will happen to Earth and to our alien friend-you have to pick up the movie and find out. I promise you will not be dissapointed and you might even feel a little bit better about your fellow man after watching it.

So, space rangers, what have we learned today? The martians are out to get us and breed, steel suits make you strong and Keanu Reeves still sucks. If you want to be really space age-check out these movies on the "internet" via Netflix or just jump into your hovercraft and fly on down to the video store.

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