Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tie One On Tuesday

Whew! The heat is rising in P-town! We are having a heat wave! What does that mean in Casa de Pedersen? It means that I've lost OMP this week. He has gone down into his nice, cool, dark studio and is refusing to come up for this week's blog entry. No worries though-I've got this thing covered! Don't fear my little kiddies-he will be back next week to make some stiff cocktails just for you!
So, to honor the heat and summer-I give you the "kittykill" cocktail.

Go to refrigerator and open
Look for beer that was left from Christmas party-it's there, past the left overs from Easter.
Check date (if it looks good, proceed to next step)
Twist off cap
Drink and finish with an "ah"
This must all be done with as little clothing as possible-it is HOT!

If the beer has expired or you're just creeped out by drinking Christmas beer, put on clothes and shoes and head to local convenience store.
Buy a six pack of cheap beer, a bag of chips, a slurpie, and a candy bar-just in case you might be hungry later.
Take out 2nd mortgage on house to pay for the "convenience " food.
When back in house, throw off clothes, pop open a cold on and take a dip in the pool (not really a pool, just your bath tub filled with cold water)

Ahhhh,,, I'm feeling cooler already!


OMP said...

It is almost 11 PM and I am still hanging out in the basement (still in the 80's!!!). Had to come up for air and some munchies. Thanks babe for taking care of this for this week. Back to the Booze Booze Booze next week!

Brook said...

mmmm a corona and lime sounds great!

AlwaysInspired said...

This is perfect! I too will be looking for that spooky beer in the back of the fridge!