Sunday, July 26, 2009

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

There has been a lot of rumble in my house since Scrappy Dog Sunday was started. Needless to say, Jujube has not been a happy camper. She has sulked and pouted around the house for the past month. So, of course, I HAD to give in and let her have a Scrappy Dog Sunday all to herself.

I'll let Jujube take over in a minute but just a little background about her. OMP and I think that she is perpetually stuck in her "tween" years. She will always be a little girl to us so when you read this interview, keep that in mind and make sure you have a "12 year old girl" voice on in your head

Okay Jujube, take over!

Jujube, what kind of things are "tweens" into today?
Gawd mom! Well, you know,,,I really love the Jonas Brothers, ICarly, not so much Hannah Montana anymore. She's so 2008. I really, really want a cell phone and a iPod, but dad says I'm too young and I don't have thumbs so I can't hit the buttons but I think it's because he thinks I'm a little girl and I'm not!

What do you like to do during the day?
I love laying out in the sun! Playing with Lola, chasing squirrels and cats, listening to music. The usual stuff.

Would you consider yourself a fashionista?
Mom, have you been looking at my Seventeen magazine again? PLEASE! My favorite color is pink and I'm a pretty pretty princess. Does that answer your question? Duh!

What's it like having two moms?
Well, Lola is my real mom, but you're my mom-mom. It's pretty cool cause if one doesn't give me what I want, I just go to the other mom. Oh wait, did I just say that outloud?

Any closing thoughts Jujube?
Dad said if I did this interview I could have a cellphone with rhinestones.

Oh Jujube-you are such a silly little girl


Brook said...

ssssoooo cute! i love her!

AlwaysInspired said...

Jujube is a rockin' girl for sure! So much spunk!