Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scrappy Halloween!

Was there ever a doubt that I would dress up the pups for Halloween? We found out that Pete really loves a good costume and the reason why-he thinks he's going for walk. I could never deny my little monsters so OMP took them out trick or treating.

At first Pete wanted to be Frankenstein

Everyone thought Lola looked best as a Dinosaur. I think Pete wanted to eat the caveman.
Everyone loves a clown, except Jujube....
Pete finally settled on being a bumble bee. C'mon dad! There are tricks to be done and treats to eat! Let's go!
Scrappy Halloween everybody! I hope that it's full of scrappy goodness, lots of treats and a few tricks.


Jamie said...

OMG your puppies are sooo cute!!

Giggly said...

I can't handle the cuteness!! :D

* said...

Your dogs look great...I have to admit Pete's first choice of Frankenstein, is my favorite.