Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Conversations of Love

I should tell you before I start this conversation, that I bought some sidewalk chalk for the summer. No reason, I just wanted it. I LOVE my sidewalk chalk. With that out of the way...the following is a real conversation between myself and OMP.

OMP: Hey! I said I love you and I get nothing?
Me: I wrote Pam +OMP in chalk on the sidewalk, what more do you want?
OMP: You didn't write 4EVER
Me: I thought that was assumed
OMP: I'm taking back my "Love You"


OMP! said...

I don't seem to remember the conversation going in that direction......

Hello there! My name is June said...

Hysterical! Love the chalk... the kids have a huge bucket & often decorate the entire drive way with their doodles. It just never came into my mind to draw with it myself! I may have to go write a love note to the Mr.


Unknown said...

OMP-I've heard it both ways.