Friday, June 3, 2011

Feel Good Friday!

 I made it to Friday. Where's my gold star? I NEED MY GOLD STAR! Sorry, got a little carried away. While I compose myself, enjoy these fine items for Friday.

Did you know my birthday was coming up? Yep! June 16th! I'm pretty sure that this cake would be perfect for my birthday-I wonder if they can add another jack and a min pin in there and maybe a scowling OMP?

If the bakery can't make me this cake, maybe I can find someone at Cake to make it for me.

Shut the front door! This is too adorable for words!One Little Red Fox makes the cutest stuff EVER! It's seriously killing me people. KILLING ME!

Speaking of cute....I really need a reminder to do my yoga in the morning.
I am in serious need of these altered Altoid tins. RackyRoad has awesome stuff in her shop and check out her blog too, you will see some awesome altered goodness.

Holy macaroni! What am I doing inside while the sun is shining and the dogs are chasing birds, leaves and water ripples in the pond? I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! I just love the way my gold stars shine in the sun. 

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
-Katharine Hepburn


GeekySweetheart said...

yeyy! It's my bithday on 17th June! I'm going down to London for the night (hmm with my 35 week baby bump O.o!)

have a good one :-)

x GS

Becky said...

OMG I love that cake! Here's your gold star...catch!