Monday, June 27, 2011

The Only Ship is Friendship

You wanna know what the best kind of ship there's friendship. Okay, everyone give a collective "awwwwww" Okay, now that we got that overly sweet crap out of the way, let's talk about friends. My friends rock my world! I love them so dearly and wish they were closer so I could shower them with kisses. To honor my friends, here are a few of my favorite buddy movies. 

Son of Rambow is a delightful British comedy about two young boys who decide to make a home movie based on Rambo. It's a story of how differences can be disregarded when you have a common goal, making the best Rambo knock off ever. 

One of my all time favorite movies that I can watch over again and I find myself quoting on a frequent basis is The Sandlot. A wonderful summer friendship movie about baseball, rowdy dogs and a lifeguard named Wendy. It's funny, sweet and is wonderful for the whole family. It doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl, man or woman, you will find yourself in one of the many characters. 

 Sticking true to my old movie roots, the last friendship film is more of a buddy comedy than just a friendship movie. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby did several films together but none as great as Road to Morocco. It has everything I love, Bing Crosby, singing, super cute girl with the best hairstyles and clothes (even in the middle of the desert). Of course there isn't any underlying theme here and a lot of it is tongue and cheek but it's fun-and isn't that what friendship is all about. 

Now grab that BFF of yours, a box of jujube's, one of these great movies and prepare for laughter, tears and lots of hugs-cause that's what friendship is all about. Well, that and bailing them out of jail...Now that's real friendship.


Becky said...

Must start updating the 'flix queue!

Hortigirl said...

Sandlot is one of my all-time favs. Great movie! Haven't watched it in ages though....