Monday, June 20, 2011

Vroom! Vroom!

My dad, he's a little nutty. No seriously, he's a funny man. He also is a man who loves car racing. I can't fault him for that, he used to do demolition derby when I was a kid, and that makes him even cooler than you can imagine. So, when the cars are not racing, he is probably watching these movies.

I'm pretty sure the one thing that my dad loves as much as racing is the ladies. Oh yeah! This little 76 year old man is a flirt and he can get away with it cause, he's a cute little 76 year old man. Anyhoo, Heart Like a Wheel tells the real life story of Cha Cha Muldowney, one of the first women in professional drag racking. The movie has amazing racing scenes and Bonnie Bedelia does an amazing job as Cha Cha. It is heartbreaking and inspirational at the same time.

You don't have to worry about watching Nascar, just pop in Talladega Nights and you have the next closest thing to Jeff Gordon's race car (he's a driver, in case you didn't know). This movie has the best 12 year old humor I have ever seen. I'm sorry, but I just can't help watching it again and again. For most of us who grew up in the south, this wasn't a movie-it was a documentary.

Last on the list is Le Mans. The main reason I mention this movie is 1-Steve McQueen, ME-OW and 2-we had a Pontiac Le Mans when I was a kid that we called the Blue Goose. I really miss that old car. It was awesome. Anyhoo, McQueen plays Michael Delaney, a race car driver who caused a big wreck, killing one person and injuring himself. He goes back to Le Mans to prove he can still win and in some strange way, redeem himself.

There ya go dad and race car fans! Movies to tie you over until the next race, be it on the track or to the fridge. Vroom! Vroom!


Becky said...

I've seen 'em all - as any good Daughter of the South should.

Talladega Nights IS a documentary! Ain't nothin wrong with 12 year old humor. The kids and I laughed our butts off in the theatre. And I'm almost always "jacked up on Mountain Dew!"

My first car was a '68 yellow LeMans convertible. Even had a silver LeMans Racing jacket! Steve McQueen = drool bucket needed

giddy99 said...

I LOVE Demolition Derby! Alas, they're only during county fairs around here... :(

Unknown said...

I love Talladega Nights too-- "Dear Baby Jesus" cracks me up every time!

Becky said...

Talledega Nights was mine and Mr. W's first movie date!