Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cuties for a Cutie

I love Valentines Day. Everything is so stinking cute and everyone is so lovey dovey. I miss the days back in school when we made little mailboxes and everyone handed out little valentines. Do they even do that anymore or have they banned it because Valentine cards will give papercuts?

Anyhoo, before I go on a rant about taking the fun out of school, I will share some of my favorite vintage Valentines with you. Yes, I collect these too. What? Don't judge. I think these would be great for stitching. The line art makes such amazing patterns.

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Awww, the boss of the ranch. Killing me with cuteness!

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She is adorable but I'm pretty sure she needs black hair.

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Oh, that is so kittykill!

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I am SOOOO stitching this one up for OMP!

Go out and use these Valentines for your sweetie or secret crush. Who knows, maybe they will the boss of your ranch...WINK!


Becky said...

I love these too!

Much stitch all of these!

LimeRiot said...

You can boss my ranch!! How funny!! These are all cute.

I miss those days of making the little mailboxes and giving cards to the whole class.

Nessa the Procrastinator said...

Oh. em. gee, I kid you not I had a large version of that kitten valentine! It was from my mom and dad and it hung in my room for YEARS until it faded so much I threw it away.