Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scrappy New Year!

Scrappy New Year! It was party time at Casa de Pedersen
Lola was ready to PAR-TAY
new year lola

We had a party crasher, but they brought nuts, so we didn't mind.
new years squirrel

Jujube busted out the tunes. She has a lovely voice.
jujube new years

Poor Pete, he just couldn't hang with the big dogs..
happy new year

Here's to 2012! May it be filled with fun, love and prosperity. Thank you for sticking by me, reading this silly blog and bringing a smile to my face. Love ya!


TroubleT said...

Same to you Pam! I wish you, OMP and the Pups all of the best in 2012!

And your blog is not silly! It is a source of giggles and glam that we all need in our lives.


I also never knew that Jujube was such a party animal! ;)

Becky said...

Happy New Year to my sweet friend, OMP and lovely pups. xo

Giggly said...

Happy New Year, Pam!! HUGE LOVE! XOXOX

Becky said...

WooooooHoooooooooooo! Happy New Year to all at your House too!

How on earth did you get everyone to wear those fab hats!? ;)

LimeRiot said...

What a great party you guys had!! Happy happy happy 2012 to the whole family.