Monday, January 23, 2012

Surf's Up!

Is winter over yet? I may have to escape to some sunshine soon.  I need some sand between my toes  and waves crashing on the shore.

I want to be on the beach, warm, sun beating down on me, watching the surfers ride big waves. I can smell the salt water right now. Ahhhhh......since I can't actually go to a warm beach (I'm not sure one exists in the Pacific Northwest)I can watch Endless Summer and dream about riding the waves. This is a classic movie with great music and phenomenal surfing. Although it was filmed in 1966, the documentary still holds strong and has been considered by many to be the ultimate surf movie.

Okay, okay....I can't mention surfing without mentioning Point Break. If you knew my extreme dislike for Keanu Reeve, you would know that I am basically clinching my teeth writing about this one. I can't help it, this movie is so over the top ridiculous that it makes it a blast to watch and the surfing is great! Did I mention that it has crazy Gary Busey in it too. C'mon, you know you love this movie. Surfers turn bank robbers, it's so perfect (except for Keanu Reeves, BLECH!).

Ohhh....I can feel my bones warming up as we speak. Oh wait, they are getting chilly again just thinking about the animated movie Surf's Up! This is a very cute movie about surfing penguins. It's  so very wrong but it does have a great message and voice acting by some great people like Jeff Bridges and Diedrich Bader. I love the native penguins that plan on eating the chicken but find out that squid on a stick taste just like chicken, cause you know, everything taste like chicken.

Mmm.....sun, surf, sand....I need you right now. I think that I am going to fill up the kiddie pool with warm water and grab my board. I wonder how long it would take me to teach the pups "Cowabunga!" 


Becky said...

Heeheeheee! I love The Endless Summer though I must confess I have not seen all of it cause I get skeered and have to close my eyes!

HSG said...

Keanu Reeves is not an actor, but he gets paid like one. Can't stand to watch him.

Unknown said...

I love Point Break and don't care who knows it! My husband and I quote it often. Love it love it love it!