Monday, January 30, 2012

Ride to Freedom

It's a well known fact that little girls love horses. Little girls and ponies go together like sugar and spice. I've thought about why we love them so much and came to the conclusion that it might not be the horse we love but the freedom that comes along with it. We can be wild, free, go where we want and have a companion that loves us know matter what. We can lift ourselves out of those societal norms. Besides that, horseback riding is fun! 

I don't know one person who does not love National Velvet. This family movie was up for several Oscars and showcased a beautiful young Elizabeth Taylor in one of her best roles ever. This movie is more than just a story about a horse, it's a movie about redemption and the human spirit.

I remember being a little girl and seeing Black Stallion. I instantly fell in love with horses and knew one day I would ride the beach on a beautiful horse. So, that hasn't happen yet, and I stress YET but it doesn't deter me from watching Black Stallion over and over again. Like National Velvet, this movie is a classic and I recently found out that the little boy was a ranch hand that was scouted to play the role. Also like National Velvet, it costars Mickey Rooney. Wow, how's that for typecasting?  While traveling, both boy and horse survive a horrible ship wreck. The learn to live together, work together and be one. It can be a little slow for some kids due to lack of dialogue, but, as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

I can't believe I'm mentioning a movie that was made in the last decade, but here it goes. Secretariat is a great film for two reasons: 1-it tells the story or the underdog, which we all love and 2-It's a true story which makes it even better for the underdog angle. Yes, I know Disney made it, but cut them some slack, they did a decent job and yes, I did cry in certain parts. They know what they're doing. I've heard a lot of bad reviews about this movie saying that it showcased the people rather than the horse. I would have to disagree. I believe it told the story of the whole package, the will to go on and the strength of both animal and human.

If you have extra time, also check out these great horse movies. They won't disappoint: Hildaglo (Oh Viggo, you are too yummy for words), Flicka (remember reading this in grade school?) and Buck (the real horse whisperer).

Horses offer freedom that very few of us posses. They can be our best friend, our confidants, our means of escape. Aaaahhhhh....these movies and the ponies they feature make me want for a different time. Now, if you excuse me, I'm gonna jump on my stick horse and gallop into the sunset. Happy trails!

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Peggasus said...

Yes to all of these! Seabiscuit is another good one. (Mmmm...Viggo.)

when The Black Stallion was filming, I was thisclose to getting a job on the crew. It was filming in Sardinia and I was living in Rome at the time. It was delayed a bit for some reason, so it didn't work out. DANG.