Friday, January 6, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Man! This week was LOOONNNGGG! I swear! It took forever for Friday to get here and now that it is, I'm gonna par-tay! Whoop! Whoop!

I know the holidays are over but I can't resist this snowman from Sweet Elise. It's still winter, so he counts! So stinking cute! PS-All of her pictures are beautiful and she has a few free patterns. AWE-SOME!

I love this idea and I love Camille Styles. So many beautiful pictures and great ideas.

Rodeo season is gearing up, better polish my buckle and get my duds ready. If my plan goes right, I'll be roping  the pups and OMP in no time! I'm pretty sure all I need is a lasso and these gloves.

Replace the cat with a small black and tan have our house, oh, and add a little pee into the mixture, then you definitely have our house.

Well my favorite cats and kittens, it's time for me to get out and enjoy the day! I have puppies to snuggle with,  an OMP to kiss  and chocolate to consume. I know, it's rough...

Gratitude is one of the sweet shortcuts to finding peace of mind and happiness inside. No matter what is going on outside of us, there's always something we could be grateful for.
- Barry Neil Kaufman


sewphie said...

Www love that snowman -will go check out that link :]

TroubleT said...

I had given some serious thought to doing the shoe organizer planter next year but that mason jar set up completely changed that plan. :D