Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog Awards and Random Facts

My friend Robin over at Snips & Snails gave me a versatile blog award. I am suppose to give you 7 random facts about me and then 15 blog awards to other bloggers I follow or love. Well, I'm not sure I am going to the the 15 blog awards, not because I don't agree with it but because I'm pretty dang lazy and yeah, I'm lazy...

Anyhoo, here are 7 random facts about me. Get out your pencils and jot these down! 

7 Randoms Facts about me
I was always a cat person until I met OMP and ended up with three Jack Russells. I think they brainwashed me. I can't be sure but I remember Lola having a pocket watch and mentioning "getting sleepy."

 I drive a big old grandpa car. It gets me out of a lot of trouble. I can be a crappy driver and people expect it cause they think I am a grandma driving the car. Shaking my fist at them usually solidifies this.

I love the rodeo, bullriding and cowboys.

I also love fancy vintage French photographs, old movies stars and glamor

My hair is completely 100% white/grey. It has been since my 20's.

I cuss A LOT

I once had a boyfriend try to tell me how to tell a joke. ME! I broke up with him that night. He didn't think that was funny either. 

Thank you so much Robin-your blog, your store and well, you, rock!


LimeRiot said...

I had no idea about your hair, Pam! That's a fun fact. You have the best style on the block. I love your hair.

AlwaysInspired said...

Love the random facts! I have plenty of gray hairs too;)

Nichola said...

Men often mistakenly think they are funnier than gals... pffft, what do they know.

P.S. Thumbs up on the cussing.