Monday, March 19, 2012

Every Once and Awhile

I usually don't talk about TV show but I every once and awhile shows come along that move you. They are so thought provoking that they lift you to a higher dimension. These shows will not do that. They are put on the TV strictly for entertaining you and nothing else. 

The Aquabats Supershow is over the top crazy. The brainchild of  Christian Jacobs of Yo Gabba Gabba fame,the show features the SoCal punk ska band, The Aquabats as superheros defending the world against evil. There are anime style cartoons, music and totally whacked out silly monsters. The show makes absolutely no sense but works brilliantly. You really have to have the mind of an eight year old to get it, that is not a problem here. You can check out the The Aquabats on The Hub Network, Saturday mornings.

Speaking of greatness on the TV screen, have you watched the show Psych? My bestie Becky and I watch it coast to coast every week. We text each other, quoting the show and I know we are laughing as we type. Psych is a buddy mystery comedy show about a guy who fakes being a psychic and his best friend who backs him up. The one liners are so hysterical and the obscure 80's movies references, priceless. You can check out the show Wednesday nights on USA Network. 

The last show I watch religiously is Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel. This show is so not a kid's cartoon. The small inside jokes are intelligently written. The songs are fun and the guest voice actors, such as Malcolm McDowell as Ferb's grandfather, are brilliant. The late Davey Jones even played a part in the rock group Tiny Cowboys. Agent P aka Perry the Platypus always saves the day from the evil Dr. Doofenshirmitz. Really, if you aren't watching this cartoon, you are missing out on a soon to be cartoon classic. 

From superheroes to a crime fighting platypus, these shows have got your covered. You will be holding your side from all the laughing. Would I steer you wrong? Okay, there was that one time but this time I am right on the money. You can trust me....and Agent P!


spidermom said...

:) psych is SO under appreciated!

hey, where's perry?

Kira - said...

I love the Aquabats!!! So happy their show is on your list :D

Angie said...

You have amazing taste. I love the Aquabats, too! I can't say i've seen their show yet, though. I'll have to make sure i check it out this Saturday.

As for Psych and Phineas and Ferb (or Bineas and Bern, as my niece calls it)... yes. Yes. :)

LimeRiot said...

I have to find Aquabats! That looks amazing.

We love Psych! It's such a fun light-hearted show. Sean and Gus crack us up!!