Monday, March 5, 2012

My Weekend with a Box of Thin Mints

You guys! I was a slug this weekend! Seriously, I did not do a thing! I hope your weekend was more productive than mine. While I laid on the couch, downing my last box of Thin Mints (don't judge...the box does say THIN) I watched the following movies...well, kind of watched, I napped and was occasionally woken up while the dogs nibbled the crumbs off my chest and belly. I said don't judge!

I love Rowan Atkinson. He just cracks me up. When I popped in Johnny English Reborn, I had high was the beginning of my first nap. Don't get me wrong, it was funny and cute but not belly aching I can't stop snorting laughing, but good. Atkinson plays a a dismissed secret agent who eventually comes back and as you guess, saves the day. Like I said before, it's a good rental but I wouldn't go any further than that. 

I could have sworn in the middle of my Thin Mint daze that the dogs cued up another movie. I can't be 100% sure but I thought I saw Jujube throwing in her favorite DVD, Footloose. I had no idea the Be had so many great moves but she kept up with every single dance Kevin Bacon threw at her. I've heard the new Footloose is just as fun as the original, but I'm not buying it. The music, dancing and corny story are just absolutely perfect and make me happy even to this day. For the record, I think if everyone danced when they were mad, the world would be at peace. 

After watching the dogs dance around to Kenny Loggins and realizing that I needed to lay off the Thin Mints, I decided to watch one more movie. I needed something animated, something fun, something Johnny Depp-ish. I needed Rango. Now, let's get something straight, this movie isn't really made for young kids. It is an animated spaghetti western populated by animals. The vivid animation and strong characters make this movie brilliant. The humor is very adult oriented but teens and tweens should get a kick out of too. 

So, eating a few boxes of Thin Mints may not have been the best for me. I woke up with a belly ache, a sugar hangover and blisters on my feet from trying to keep up with dancing dogs but I did get to see a bunch of great movies and I highly suggest that you grab a couple boxes of cookies, throw the DVD into the player and curl up on the couch. Cookie coma!


Christina said...

I think it sounds like a fabulous weekend!!! It makes me want to do the same!

LimeRiot said...

Ha ha!! It sounds like a great weekend to me! I really liked Rango and Rowan cracks me up in everything.