Monday, July 2, 2012

Boogie Your Way to the 4th!

4th of July is coming up this week and whether you are sweltering the sun, or, as I am, freezing in the rain, you will need a movie or two to tie you over between the BBQ food coma and the fireworks. Some of my favorite movies are the from the 1940's patriotic movies. There was always singing, great movie stars and you felt good about supporting your country.

One of my favorites in this genre is Hollywood Canteen. This movie is even more special because the Hollywood Canteen was a real place, in Hollywood, California, that catered to GI's heading off to WWII. It was started by Betty Davis and John Garfield and each night had an amazing amount of movie stars and musicians entertaining the GI's. The canteen served over 3 million servicemen! The movie is a little glimpse into the canteen. There is great music, wonderful actors and a sweet love story. If this movie doesn't make you feel great about your country, I'm not sure what will. 

If the west coast had Hollywood Canteen, the east coast had Stage Door Canteen. Again, there was a real Stage Door Canteen that catered to the servicemen going overseas for WWII. The music is wonderful,the cameos are jaw dropping and true to form, there is a love story. They did not film a lot of the movie at the Stage Door Canteen because it was actually being used to entertain the service men and it was pretty chaotic, so, the cameos and some of the music was shot on a sound stage. This movie is a little more like a concert film, but with the beats they are throwing down, there is nothing wrong with that!

These two movies show us a time when we put aside our differences and came together for the good of our country and our people. Maybe this 4th of July we can remember what that is like. A girl can wish, right?

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