Thursday, July 19, 2012

Date Night!

I will fully admit that I am addicted to Pinterest. I just can't help it! I love looking at ideas for kids and think of ways to turn them into fun for adults. The Date Night Jar is an example of this. I came across a pin from Shabby Beach Nest for a Boredom Jar for kids and thought to myself that this would be a great idea for date night jar.

OMP and I are always trying to think up new ideas for date night. We constantly fall short and end up on the couch, watching some bad TV. Well, with the help from friends, we came up with a bunch of ideas. I followed the tutorial on Shabby Beach Nest with a few differences.

The Materials I used were:
scrapbook paper
tongue depressors
Template from Shabby Beach Nest (there are blanks on the last page)

I had to change the template on Shabby Beach Nest from a PDF to a JPG file. I did this so I could upload it to Picmonkey and write on the template for the tongue depressors.

Here's some ideas I used for my jar:

Make a dinner together
Go to a museum
Be a tourist in your town
Take a class
Go for a drive
Act like a monkey at the zoo
Have a picnic in the backyard
Pick a letter (pick one letter of the alphabet and do something beginning with that letter)
Have a photoshoot
Go out for a fancy dessert
Try a new restaurant
Go to the theater
Take the dogs out
Do some fun science projects like you did when you were a kid
Go for a bike ride
Water gun fight
Your choice
Play board games
Snuggle on the couch like you did when you were a teenager

Next, I cut out and modpodged the date suggestions to the tongue depressors. I noticed that the template is a little smaller than then tongue depressor. Once the modpodge was dry, I trimmed up the the edges and sanded any paper hanging over and cleaned up any unkept edges. This also gave it a nice worn look.

I decorated an old jar that I had laying around the house. I had tried my hand and faux mercury glass awhile ago and thought it would be perfect to hold my dates.

There ya go! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Now, when you need to think of something to do with your sweetie, just grab a stick out of the jar!


TroubleT said...

What fun!

You forgot one activity on your list though.

Sit by the pool with cocktails AND look Fabulous!


Lisa said...

Love! Love! Love this, Pam! (I pinned it too!) This idea is WAY better than the janky list I've got hanging on the fridge. oxo!

LimeRiot said...

Such a cute idea and adorably executed! I love the "do some science" date night. Fun!!