Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And The Winner Is.....

A big, huge, gigantic thank you for everyone who entered the giveaway. Thanks to all the new readers and the old timers for sharing the love. At first I was going to use that fancy random number thingy but then I decided to be old school and write the names down and pull one out of OMP's hat.

Now without further adeau, the winner is......

If you didn't win this time, never fear! I have it on good authority that there will be more giveaways in the coming weeks, including Trader Tiki's yummy syrups! There will also be more embroidery and maybe even a book or two. So, stay tune for more yummy drinks, crazy critters and whacky adventures.

For the record, you guys rock my socks! Thanks for being the best ever!

*Marizydoats! I need your address! Please email me Thanks! 

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bronwen said...

Booo... just kidding ;)