Monday, June 21, 2010

La Vie En Rose

I'll admit, I'm on the fence with lots of foreign movies. Some just make no sense at all and sometimes I just want to stitch and hear the movie instead of reading subtitles. That being said, there are a few that I can watch time and time again. Because I know you want me to, I'm gonna share a few of my favorites.

I remember hearing a cranky girl tell me how much she hated Amelie. She told me that she had a problem with someone butting into other people's lives. Even though she gave it a bad review I decided to see it and I was so happy I did. It is such a wonderful feel good movie. It's so sweet. This gem from France tells of a sweet girl who decides that she is going to take on the mission of making others happy. In her adventures she brings smiles to strangers' faces and possibly love for herself. If you are ever having a bad day or just feeling sad about the world around you, this movie will lift your spirits and renew your faith in your fellow man.

It's no secret that I absolutely LOVE Edith Piaf. Her voice is rich with sadness, tragedy, but also offers a small glimmer of hope. Her life was a mirror of her voice. La Vie En Rose is a beautiful biography of her life from a small child to her untimely death. Piaf rose from a street urchin to an international icon. Despite her colorful life, she will always be the little sparrow to her people and the world that surrounded her.

I know I have mentioned this movie before but it bears repeating that you need to see it. La Belle Et Bete (Beauty and the Beast) is stunning. The special effects were cutting edge for the time and scenery is so rich and textured you could almost taste it. The movie centers around Beauty and her servitude to the Beast. Servitude turns to love and loyalty, followed by the happy ending.

So, I just realized that I gave you all my favorite French films...hmmmm...wonder what that says about me? That I love wonderful scenery, the French language, incredible music? Or does it say that pretty things make me happy? A little bit from column A, a little bit from column B. In any case, head out to that little corner market, pick up some yummy bread, brie and a great bottle of wine, sit back and enjoy the best in what France has to offer. Adieu mes animaux de compagnie


Hello there! My name is June said...

Oh Pam! You've featured my favorite all time movie be it foreign or not! I adore Amelie! It's just loaded with beauty from the superior cinematography to the storyline itself!
Piaf's music absolutely sends me...and makes me feel like I was born in the wrong decade. Ever feel like that? My mom had a Piaf record (well, she had lots of records), and I remember that strong voice that sang with such feeling from when I was a child.
I have not seen the third film you mentioned...yet. But I will put it on my to do list & mark my words, I'll be sure to thank you later for it! It looks like it's right up my alley!

Sam said...

You have great taste in movies :-)

Have you seen Mike Leigh's Happy Go Lucky? If not, you should try to get hold of it, I think you would love it!

Becky said...

La Belle a la Bete is such a beautiful film. I have added La Vie to my summer-movie-watching list. Great post Pam! Becky W.

TroubleT said...

I'm a huge foreign film fan! (Imagine that. :D ) I love all those of those movies as well as the big screen adaptations of Les Miserables and Phantome. *grin*

I'm also enjoy watching Japanese films. I don't understand a word but the costuming is generally amazing.

sewitsforyou said...

I loved Amelie. Dan still won't watch it with me but it always makes me feel happy!

acidtrix said...

Hello :)
I just thought i'd mention that if you're a fan of Amelie, you might enjoy "Micmacs à tire-larigot" and "La cité des enfants perdus". Both are also from director/writer Jean-Pierre Jeunet and share the same spirit as Amelie. Micmacs in particular might appeal, since part of the central story line is taking garbage and recycling it into art and useful/silly contraptions. great films, all three!