Friday, June 18, 2010

Feel Good Friday!

Is it Friday already? Yahoo! I've been in a little bit of a fog this week-it was my birthday on Wednesday and although I had every intention of posting something-the champagne just wouldn't let me. Here are a few things for you to get all bubbly about.

Did you see the winner of the Feeling Stitchy Rainbow of Stitches contest? Not only is the cuteness off the charts but the stitching is AMAZING! I swear, if she says that it's something she just whipped up, I may have to hurt her.  Congrats to Joey's Dream Garden!

Oh how I wish I was a better seamstress! I could make all my clothes like the lovely Mena over at The Sew Weekly. She has inspired me so much that I think I will get out my sewing machine again and give that A-line skirt a whirl.

My birthday was on Wednesday and OMP got me the coolest cutest pink bike EVER! Of course I need to accessorize the bike. Here are a few of my choices.
1. Bicycle helmet-don't want to knock my knoggin'! 2. Vintage bike radio from Sears. 3. Hello Kitty bell with rhinestones! 4. Bike basket.
Aren't they just the most ridiculous things ever! I love the helmet! 

Okay! I have to get ready for my birthday party. I hope everyone has a champagne, cupcake filled weekend. I know I will! 


barncat (Lisa) said...

A Happy Late Birthday to you. :)

Becky said...

Oh how I wish we were there to help you celebrate!!!

Love the bike accessories mucho! And a pink bike! If I was a girly girl I would squeal with delight!

Hope your birthday week has been sensational!!!

Smooches and lotsa lotsa hugs!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday, Pam!!

Very cool about the pink bike :). Love the helmet and the basket.