Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pretty Little Maidens

I have looked for these cute little maidens forever. When I finally found them I danced a little jig! True story! These are part of the infamous pin up girls (they may make an appearance). I love that they are trying to look so welcoming but their faces seem so put out. Under their breath you know they are cussing you.


Miss Kitty Boo said...

haha... they do look like they are cussing..

Becky said...

These are so sweet!

Dawn said...

They're planning to stab you while you Cute though!

Jessica said...

My oh my, where did you find these darlings?? I too have been looking for these, including the adorable pin-up ladies!! Do you have the entire set? Oh please tell me where they are or how I can get them? I absolutely love, love these vintage beauties! :P
Thanks a million!
cashhawg AT

Leslie said...

I love these! They are great.

Becky said...

How did I miss this post?

I can just imagine these gals in a magnolia drippin voice - sweet to your face but colder than ice - gag!